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Celebrating 1 year at Monte, Baixo-Alentejo

Monte do Carvalhal, August 3rd 2021

Today is a very special date for me. 1 year ago, I moved from Sintra to Baixo-Alentejo.

After so many months living a new stage of my life, amongst new experiences, different rhythms, without routines and old habits, I found new paths, whishes, and the will to create new challenges, ones that lead me to my inner self.

It has not been easy but changes never are. Maybe because without sorrow, deception, tears flooding both eyes and heart, without physical loneliness – it would not be possible to find oneself.

After almost 5 years preparing this piece of land, inherited from my grandparents and where I live now and receive the ones visiting and staying with us, choosing peacefulness, authenticity, both colors and the aromas of Baixo-Alentejo – I do realize that I have a whole new voyage ahead of me, waiting to be built and lived. As life cannot be based on hurry’s, crazy anxieties, oversized ambitions, but more on small moments, balanced longings and being happy.

I can even say I have started from scratch. And still think many times from where my strength and courage come from... After so many years with someone on my side, I live now the so called “One Woman Show”, with our Country Lodging BB, having present, still, that no one walks alone. Besides my parents precious and vital help, I have found here many Angels, who help me and with whom I share my Path. I am deeply grateful to all of them and if Life is worth it, it is also because is made on sharing our days with the ones we find on the way…

I have come to realize that I do live in a unique place, that this region has much, much to discover and that many times it is even difficult to choose the best thing here! If its Wines, Olive-Oils, Cured Meats, Black-Pork Meat, Aromatic Herbs, the Sun, the Summer Breeze, the Winters with the aroma of Acorn Charcoal in the air, the Guadiana River, the Alqueva Great Lake, the Sweets, the fragrant Lamb Dishes, the Chick-Pea Stew, the Migas, the Figes, the Oranges, the Tomatoes, the Watermelon, the Melons, the Almonds, the Honey, the Liqueurs, the Cante, its people… I see and do feel that all of these is part of me now, is also mine, our inland Baixo-Alentejo .

Many work here and want to see their dreams come true, want Happiness to grow from this land alongside with the seeds of a better Future, so many times, postponed. And it is good to know and feel that I do have such good Partners in this region, ones living and developing their activities with professionalism and on a Synergy vibe with everyone – without them, our Monte, our Burrico D´Orada, would not be the same…

All the ones coming here are welcome and during their stay, it makes me happy suggesting them to discover and taste this land. From a boat ride at Alqueva Lake with Alquevatours, a Fishing Trip with Pascal, a horse ride with Equimoura, a SUP class or canoeing with Alentejobreak, a Jeep-Safari, to a relaxing massage with VipRelax in the morning, under the refreshing shade of a Olive-Tree at our Monte!

Having time and will to do so many things here, its wonderful! And of course, one could not leave without tasting the top-quality Black-Pork Cured Meats at the 100 Years Casa Cavalheiro in Moura, the Serpa DOP Cheeses, or the unique wines of this region – from Granja-Amareleja, Moura, Serpa, Vidigueira, Vila de Frades, Cuba. There are many quality wine producers and wineries that ought to be discovered. I do reccommend the Clay-Amphora Wines at Adega do Mestre Daniel (Talhas XXVI), the Gerações da Talha and Honrado Vineyards at Cella Vineria Antiqua, Herdade do Rocim, Marel , Quinta da Pigarça, amongst many others.

But there is so much to taste here…I always tell people, if enjoying wines, to save a few days to discover top producers such as – Quinta do Quetzal, Margaça Family, Casa Clara, Herdade da Lisboa, Quinta do Paral, Herdade dos Cotéis, Herdade dos Machados, Encostas de Serpa, ACVidigueira. You name it, even I do get surprised with this wine region!

The most fantastic is that most of these estates also produce great olive-oils and one needs to try the liquid gold of this region as well. By this one easily understands that Alentejo is a blessed land, much in need to be preserved, cherished, protected, and promoted.

Therefore, besides getting to know this region delicacies, I have learned to live on a slower pace “com vagar”, as it is said here. There is no rush, nor hastiness here. Time persists and exists on a much different scale. Many ask me if I do not miss the Lisbon hecticness, the Shopping Centers, the Outlets, the city noise and rhythms. No, I believe I do live now beyond that reality. Have learned to live with less things and with more affection – for the land, the animals, the birds singing, the wind, the aromas, the sunset, the rainy days, the crickets music, the smiles on friendly faces, the smell of fresh coffee on weekends morning, this red land, the aroma of figs and the dust on my skin and on my old shoes, my cats, even on my loneliness moments – I have fallen in love with this peace and silence, the magical moments when I do connect with the Universe surrounding me, with Heaven, with God, with myself.

This is my life now, learning new habits, gardening, maintenance, talking and sharing my life with our Guests. Learning to love the small moments, of new colors, new dreams, of a new me. Because the past stayed behind and today is a new day.

I want to learn more every day in my Baixo-Alentejo, with the profound conviction that this is my place now. The Future does not belong to me, I place it on God`s Hands, for He brought me here.

Thank you to all the ones that have been supporting and giving me so much caring, affection and courage to keep going. You make my heart smile and bright up my days here. Very grateful for your Love and Friendship: Mom, Dad, Maria, Bia, Manuel, Elsa, Felizarda, Gina, Manuel Luís, Gaby. For I do not walk alone and am today more myself and HAPPY.

Bless you.

With Love,


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