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our story

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about us

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Burrico D´Orada was born from a little girl´s dream.

During the long vacations spent at Monte do Carvalhal, with Grandpa António Valadas ("Burrico", as he was called) and with Grandma Maria ("do Monte").

During the long hours spent with them both, a dream was being planted within my heart - when listening to his/her singing while cleaning the Olive Trees, feeding the baby lambs, the chickens, the turkeys, the rabbits, while kneading the bread dough, the Popias and the Folhados Sweats, while fetching water to the House and the Animals at a nearby well with the wood-wagon and the mule, during the hard toil of the land with the plow and the mattock, seated on the floor at the door under the hot summer sky, while preparing the chourizos and the smoked ham, during the long winter nights at the fireplace hearing their long gone stories from their youth or even while seeing Grandma Maria sewing with her wise hands. People who were forced to become men and women before their time, growing fast to the hardship of the land and the poverty they were raised in. 

This is an homage I make them. Now that they sing and rock me gently from Heaven above. The Monte do Carvalhal , this plot where we stand now, was a dream, now came true. When I was 12 years old, telling my Grandpa: "_ Grandad, I would love to receive people and live here, near you one day!" - to which he responded promptly" _ That would be beautiful my granddaughter", while smiling at me with his deep blue eyes and his snow-white air...And sang to me amongst the Olive Trees whispering and the Figue Trees warm aroma, which he planted 70 years ago.

Here,where we wait for you with open arms, and a heart-to-heart smile & soul 

in Baixo-Alentejo, Portugal.

Welcome & Bless You.

Rita Valadas

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At Monte do Carvalhal 

we have 3 Houses

waiting for you!

A Casa das Oliveiras

(The Olive-Trees´ House)

A Casa da Mina

(Mina´s Lodge)

A Casa da Rita

(Rita´s Lodge)



Upon Request or if prefered,

Regional Bread is also available on a daily-basis at your door.


Internet Free Wifi Service

is available 

at our Oliveiras´ House and On-Request (for a modest fee) at Rita`s Lodge.

Laundry Service - On-Request &


For a very modest Fee, we take care of your Clouthing, always respecting the Environment and the surrounding Nature. We only use Biodegradable  & Ecological Products. There are ECO/ Hand-Liquid-Soap, Shampoo&Shower Cream and Dish-Washer Detergent at your disposal.

 Place your Questions upon the Reservation.

Daily  Housekeeping & Sanitation

Each House is cleaned and sanitised every 2 days.

We have our own Safety&Sanitation Protocol according to the Portuguese Health Inspection

Hand Desinfectant Solution is at our Guests´ disposal at each Entrance area. 

Masks are required when adressing our Staff or another Guests.

 Pic-Nic Basket


Upon Request, a Pic-Nic Basket can be prepared just for you!

For a late Brunch, Lunch or a late Snack.

Just inform us 24 Hours ahead or upon your  Reservation.

Swimming & Water Sports

Pedrogão Dam 5 minutes away, Alqueva Great-Lake at 20 minutes distance, Alqueva River Beach 25 minutes by car.

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This Peace,

the fresh earth aroma, 

our Alentejo .

The delicious breakfast!

I do recommend, we loved it!

Bless you.


Ana Freitas & Paulo,

October 5th 2020