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Every year we are reminded of the date of S.Valentim and the need to spend money to celebrate a date, which although important for many, would not need to be remembered, at least for those who make Love something beyond occasional gifts, roses , cards and weekend vouchers.

Maybe I shouldn't say this, managing an Accommodation in a rural context, Vouchers would come in handy, or the so-called reservations for this date, now that for many months now, I, like many colleagues in the profession, have had houses without a soul and the windows are always open, so that light does not fail to enter stubbornly empty spaces.

But I couldn't stop writing a few words... In such strange, adverse and difficult times, in which many of us spend 95% of our time confined with the ones we love the most, day after day, in the same space, the one that could be a peaceful and serene experience, often becomes a “prison”, an obligation of gestures, in which we accumulate daily stress and anxieties, and in which the task of managing a family cluster of teenagers, children, babies and partners, companions of life, becomes something too demanding and what a nut it makes escape into us.

Still... Love...

Love, word, gesture, exercise, full awareness or absence of it, promise of life, sharing routines, giving up spaces and paths, complicity, lap, hug, kiss, caress, intimacy, complementarity, priceless and measured gift, mutual help , mutual growth, learning, port of shelter, port of arrival, road, present, path, certainty, 1 instead of 2, Home.

We are missing Love, these days when we are screaming inside, when the sadness of unemployment, hunger, despair, impatience, lack of ground, ceiling, warmth, future certainty invades us. The doors were closed, the windows covered, the tears flow that flood the daily deserts of absence of caresses and words of sugar.

But don't go Love, stay, I'll leave the windows wide open, I'll stop, open my eyes, smile at you, hug you again and again and whisper in your ear that together we'll overcome all pain. Come on, go live this life more, let's hug each other more, kiss each other more, like someone biting an apple for the first time, let's sip the days together, with more thirst, with more dedication.

Stay Love, every day I will feed you with kisses, promises of Hope and Comfort, Dialogue, Passion, Affection. Together we will break the routines that kill us, invade new beautiful places in the heart, break the dawn with full surrender, in our infinite embrace.

I don't just want you on S.Valentim, I want you all Love, every day of my life. Even when I feel ugly, empty, desperate, irritated, stupid, crazy, tiny inside my walls, even when I'm old... Stay Love, I promise to celebrate you every day of my life, because you are my reason for to be, to live, to walk hand in hand with you on this Road, without fear and loving you yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Celebrate Love, love very, very much and always say: “_I love you, Love.”

Because S.Valentim is every day.

With love,



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