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Alentejo is now Home

Dear Friends & Future Guests, During this year, full of surprises, life stops, changes and transformations, time has come to close the door to what does not make your heart beat anymore. After more than 4 years of work, a new Horizon have been discovered and we are now opening new windows. Old clothing is taken-off as it does not fit easy to our life walking and we start rebuilding stone by stone the seed of a little girl´s dream. Old melodies paths are left behind you and we focus our Light on new battles, initiating new challenges, much needed to our own growth. Life cannot be contained, nor restricted to a day life of routines, it overflows amidst our hands and asks us to be bold, spread our wings to new destinations. It is not easy, as the detachment to comfort and security never is. And a change, hurts, it aches, really does. You rip off the last 12 years roots´ and firm it with courage and bravery within a faraway land, but strangely so close to your heart. Many attempts have been made to achieve a constant flowing and rewarding work rhythm, but sometimes we sadly discover that as much we try, nothing goes far, maybe because it is not the Mission you have been given. You invest, give so much of yourself and NOTHING. And if you are tired of swimming against the current, it´s time to head South. 4 years after beginning this crossing, we are now visualizing our destination. And it might be incomplete still, but in a few weeks´ time, we will be ready to receive our first Guests in our 3 Country Houses in Baixo-Alentejo – with Love, Gratitude and Joy Therefore, yesterday, after so many journeys between Lisbon and Monte do Carvalhal, I have re-planted my own roots on a new ground. A cycle has been closed and a new one is opening up, being full aware of so many sacrifices and demands life has long requested me. Re-calculating, lots of mathematic, adjust the measures, use your imagination and accommodate the last few years of your life in one bedroom and 1 living-room with kitchen, with 3 Cats and back aching with so much responsibility during this Covid-19 times. I actually laugh at my own imagination, re-inventing spaces where there is lack of it and storing books, clothing, dishes, computer, furniture in what was once my Grandparents little cottage – and realizing we can actually live with few. And after a few years without buying any clothing or shoes, we do understand that Health, True Friendship & Love are the most important things in life. We have recycled a life within 3 two bedroom houses and our little space – we have placed much of ourselves - Love, Generosity and Authenticity – on the houses built to receive who ever comes to stay with us. It is not ready yet, but almost…Yes, it´s lacking a swimming-pool, a proper garden, the landscaping foot trails, but we have plenty of caring, a warm scented red lan, olive-trees, figue-tress, safety, hospitality, nature, sun and the bluest sky, that covers us in the night with a wonderful infinite stars blanket, snuggling our sleep with an enchanting dreams promise. This is Baixo-Alentejo inland, a window to little great Treasures, which fill our hearts and bring us joy. From unique Wines, Olive-Oils, Cheese, Smoked Sausages & Cured Black Pig Meats, Aromatic Herbs, restful and silence nights, Lambs, Roman Ruins, Ancient Convents, the Guadiana River, peaceful villages and ancient beautiful cities - Moura, Serpa, Pias, Pedrogão, Vidigueira, Vila de Frades, Vila Alva & Vila Ruiva, Cuba, Ferreira do Alentejo, Castro Verde, Almodôvar, Aljustrel, Ourique. To the the aromatic Gastronomy – the Açordas, Migas, Gaspacho, Hare Rice, Lamb-Stew, Chick-Peas & Meat Stew - the sweet and traditional Confectionery - the Porquinho-Doce, Popias, Costas, Bolos-Folhados, Queijinhos de Hóstia, Túberas, Borrachos, Talhadinhas, Chibo-Cake, Almond-Cake, the Cavacas… So much to discover, so much to unveil within a Universe that is also mine and dear to my heart – here, in this little Heaven´s place that waits for you with great joy and which I call HOME. Tribute to Alentejo Page The great Plain as a page this is the ground I was seeking silence made into a wing almost bread almost word. To be chanted To be home. Poems of Manuel Alegre, in "Alentejo e Ninguém", 1996 Bless You, Rita, August 4th 2020, Monte do Carvalhal

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