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Winter Romance

Dear Friends,

Winter time is often seen as a period of introspection, days of cold and grey mood, where many times we forget to fire up our relationships and bring somehow a new colour and passion to our daily togetherness.

We tend to book our vacations during the Summer and forget however, that specially in Europe, with so many flight options, you can be in a very lovely location in a few hours. Short-Breaks are most used to visit city-capitals and that´s it. But why do not take advantage of a weekend to visit different locations and ancient sites with your other half?! You can fly on a Friday afternoon and I can pick-u up at Lisbon Airport, drive U to an Historic Hotel or a Romantic Guest-House and on the other day, drive you to visit places filled of History and to wonderful Wine Family-Estate, where you´ll discover unique nectars. It will be as you are part of the family, at lunch-time you´ll taste rich and unique flavours and during the afternoon we´ll spot hidden places, far from crowds and queues.

Whether in Sintra area or in Alentejo, West-Coast or Fátima, or Nazaré, for 1, 2 or 3 Days, everything is possible. Its always time to light up a flame in your Romance, its always precious the moments we find for Love to happen and share these with the one you truly have locked in your heart.

Winter is after all the perfect time to discover a new tune in your relationship. Yes, its cold, it´s rainy, but here it does not snow, the temperature is right to find new ways of travelling, of exploring, of living your Romance.

Take my advice:

Dare to see beyond the ordinary Guiding-Books and Reservations Platforms, I`ll help you to see my Portugal with different eyes and always with a smile. Promise to leave you in the end with your hearts full – of Love and Bliss.

Yours with joy,



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