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Winter Adventures in Portugal

The Southern Mediterranean countries such as Portugal are mostly spoken of for its amazing Beaches, Golf, Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, yes and Port Wine, Cod-Fish and Ronaldo.

Yes, we are all proud of these things, but many more can be found in this small, but rather diverse and rich country – its Gastronomy, Wines, History and Traditions.

Tourism is our holly bread, but has also that unpretty side of city-crowds, overrated deals, super-queues Sightseeing Monuments and tons of Plastic & Already-Seen Souvenirs. If I come to other country it´s only natural that many cities are a must-seen along with its Historical buildings, etc, etc.

But as many countries, its always possible to save 1, 2 or even 3 extra-days to get away from the city-center and discover hidden and peaceful sites, that still maintain some Authenticity and Truth.

So, if coming to Lisbon, save a spot on your holiday-agenda. Do not trouble yourself on renting a vehicle or waist time on looking for places to see. I will save this trouble for you and pick U-UP directly on your lodging spot.

From then on, the time will be all yours. To discover with me, Unique Wines, Flavors, Historical Sites, People & Traditions. And if you prefer, why not look for an Adventure/Experience on our web-site that suits you and book all you want in advance? I always say, better plan ahead and when you are finally here, you will only have time to enjoy and let the worries all behind you…😉

Don´t leave the best for the last day, book ahead your Winter Adventure! We do not have snow on our Tours, but surely will give you something to cool off the stress and boring routine. The Sun is shining outside and I promise to take good care of you and yes, make your heart smile while you are in Portugal.

See you soon!

Kind and Sunny regards,

Yours with Joy,



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