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Wine-Harvest Season in Portugal

August is almost reaching its middle and at last the great Wine Harvest Season has started in several regions.

Throughout the country, from North to South, from Douro, Dão, Beira-Interior, Lisbon, Alentejo to Algarve, the toil is starting in many Wine-Estates.

In the South, where the heat is most predominant and where we usually take our clients, we see gradually more activity in the vineyards and in the wineries, hearing many of the Agricultures saying this to be a year of great production.

Remembering my Summers years ago, when still a little girl back at my grand-parents` house, in a small village of Vilar-da-Lapa (2 hours northeast from Lisbon), we used to hand-picked the white and red grape-bunches beneath the hot sun, which our straw heats could not easily cover – the warm temperature burning our skins and the sugar from the must making our entire clothes and hands stick and leaving our faces red and as a summer peach…

Those were the days…That do repeat itself every year in many fields, wine-growers cooperatives and family-properties. Even the grape-stomping process, that we used to do at a small cement-tank by foot, its also held in many places in marble tanks, specially in Alentejo and granite tanks in Beira-Interior and Douro. Good memories from that, the aroma of the sweet musts, the deep red painting our legs and the people singing while toiling…Amazing moments, that go on as an eternal rhythm written by the seasons.

Working closely with many partners owning Wine-Estates and Family Productions, allows us to grasp the strong importance of this season for everyone connected to the wine-production. From the workers hand-picking or mechanically harvesting the bunches, from the ones doing the transportation to the Winery, the ones working closely on the grapes selection & separation, the entire staff working restlessly 24h per day, to the Winemakers, or should I say, Magicians, who bring us the result of harmonious bouquets, able to make our palate and nose to be seduced and give in to so many incredible aromas!

Yes, this is the Season to discover, lived and touched. From August 20th to September 20th, we have prepared several Wine-Harvest Programs just for you. In the West-Coast, Alto-Alentejo or, in Baixo-Alentejo, with or without Lunch, but always packed with real and true essence of a Wine-Harvest, as it should be.

Imagine a true story made come-true…The Vineyards covering the infinitude of the horizon under the splendorous sun, the green vine arms intertwined with each other stretching its beautiful green throughout the field, the gold grape bunches and red ones, as precious stones maturing und waiting to be discovered and ready for the taken, as priceless jewels that ought to be savored.

Imagine the intense and sweet aroma from the musts, the tall Clay Amphoras lined and waiting to be the impregnated with thousands of grapes, the huge fermentation tanks ready to receive the unique nectars. Discover with your eyes the story behind great wines, knowing and seeing the passion, the intense rhythm of the backstage production, the caring, the people that will help you to understand and see beyond the simple bottle of wine.

Imagine a Lunch prepared with love, wisdom and tradition with the ingredients from the land and the season. Close your eyes and taste it while pairing it with unique aromas and by the end you will somehow discover that there is an all new world and much, much more beyond a simple glass of wine. There is Love, Family Traditions, Ancient Wisdom, Art, Hard Work and yes, always a vision of Future, that is to be more and more sustainable and granting the coming generations a greener way of life.

We´ll be waiting for you as we want to share this Adventure with the ones visiting Portugal, because the Wine Harvest is also a way of life and the preservation of our great Wine Culture.

Yours with love,



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