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Valentine´s lasts longer in Alentejo

Often and many times I ask myself why I do not pay greater attention to Valentine´s Day. After all, Love, Romance, Passion, ought to be lived and celebrated whenever one want´s. We should not need dates for LOVE, what makes the world spin and your heart sings!

As a Touring & Experiences Agency, I should instead be glad for this being an opportunity to sell and make money…Yes, that is the truth, but besides making business, I´m more on trying to find moments that I can bring people closer, something truly special, that they can cherish and remember.

It´s sometimes frustrating, that we do our best on bringing upfront amazing and wonderful lodging experiences and people cannot find you, nor discover unique and untouched places in Portugal, above all in Alentejo.

Therefore, we´ve decided to extend this date and take you to live your Romance in a 4 Days Experience, with lodging in 2 different places, while discovering magical and ancient villages in Northern & Central Alentejo, the land where Time stands still and Love comes alive.

Until March 31st, if wanting to make a 3 nights break, come along, we´ll pick you up in Lisbon! Alone, with your companion, with your friends, we´ll escort you as a family-member, with a smile and always with our hearts. Check our Offer:

I´ll be waiting for you, in Alentejo, where Love lasts forever…

Yours with Love,



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