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Traveling Solo

Traveling by yourself is always an Adventure and when a beginner, a bit daunting!

Portugal is a very peaceful country, specially out of the city-capitals, but more so during the Winter time. But it´s exactly why I advise any woman as myself, traveling out here. The temperature is not that crazy low and as it does not snow in 95% of the country. Meaning, we can travel further in the inland and discover great spots and unspoiled sites to appreciate, photograph and seat in silence for a while, breathing, inhaling the wild aromatic herbs and season fragrances in the fresh breeze.

And if you are into wines as I am, it will be a much more intense and joyful experience! Taking you to taste Unique Wines and Terroir. I´ve designed several 1, 2 or even 3 days Tours and in most of it the Wines are the focus along with special places and landscapes.

No need to worry, you´re in good hands. The main thing is to ensure all my guests, they are most welcome and yes, part of the family as long as they are here. No worries, no stress, no formalities, this is a very Familiar and Friendly service, designed and rendered with joy, hospitality, warmth and professionalism as well. We welcome you, free of any bias on race, gender, religion, sex orientation. We true embrace you as a Friend who we want to guide in our ancient and great home-country.

Feel free to get in touch! All our offer in the web-site will be fully customized and rated, just for you. Pick the one that makes your heart sing the most! Call or E-mail us and I´ll be very happy to send a couple of suggestions on Tours, Tastings and even Lodgings, if wanted.

We´ll be waiting for you, always with a true smile.

Yours with Love,

Rita – Burrico D´Orada


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