• Burrico d'Orada

The Red Season

Fall has opened the door, we feel it in the chilly breeze, in the unique fragrance of the fresh and wet fields, on the golden and red colors that slowly start painting the landscape all around…And it’s an amazing season!

Suddenly there is a sudden need for doing things with more quietness, introspection and meditation – specially on a time like this, more suitable for renovation and new discoveries, even within ourselves.

Mother-Nature has the power to move us with her regeneration embrace and soon we will be craving for comfort food and full-bodied nectars, that warm our souls and bodies.

I invite you to come along and give way to new Adventures – soon, new Wines will be in our extraordinary and numerous cellars throughout our ancient country, inviting each one of us to taste it, feel it, scent it…And this time of the year is indeed grand, to combine the flavours of our unique and reach Gastronomy with our amazing Portuguese Wines.

Follow the path of BURRICO D´ORADA, it will lead you to unique and 100% flavour-full Experiences!

Enjoy this Fall and discover our wonderful Portugal!


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