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The Holiday Season is here...

The Holiday Season is here and for many of you, the countdown starts to pick-up and find the best deals and the ultimate presents. But should it be like that?

Many times we find ourselves drowning on mad spending and trying to get presents for everyone, even the ones we do no have in our hearts…Yes, I love Christmas, but not so much for that mad consumption, extensive and never-ending gift-lists. Better to find a balance in all of this, why not surprising the ones close to your heart and the ones who have their hands and houses empty?

I should not try to convince you to stop shopping for a present, even to us, Burrico D´Orada – when we also sell Experiences through our many Tours… But, as much as I would love to say that, I believe the best advice I can pass on would be for each one of us not to overreact and live this season with some sort of simplicity, joy and love. Offer a couple of presents, but share and give LOVE & GOOD WILL above all things.

And if coming or thinking to come to our beautiful and amazing country, PORTUGAL, look for us and maybe, maybe, with some luck and patience you´ll find that Slow Touring is much more interesting rather than running around with your mobile and selfie-stick…a bit like real Christmas, sharing mostly good feelings, smiles and good moments, that will live in your heart for years to come, specially with the ones you really cannot live without!

Happy Holidays...Always, always, with a SMILE.

Yours with love, Rita, Burrico D´Orada.


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