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Small Businesses or the Art of Making Clients vs Touring Friends in Portugal

Been on this Adventure for 1 year and several months now, a small Van, a smile and a couple of journeys build up from scratch with the purpose of showing beautiful corners and unspoiled jewels apart from the city-capital, some of it hidden, waiting to be tasted, felt and unveiled.

Not easy though, a small business like this, its like a small boat trying to sail out at the vast ocean. So many challenges, so much to fight with to maintain our course…Got to be honest, clients are still few, can even count it with my fingers, but smile at the same time, knowing that this would not be easy.

Many people telling to do the same as everyone, but this boat continues it´s route, as very soon will have another challenge – to open its own Lodging in the great plains of Baixo-Alentejo and having, again, to reformat some of our Experiences Offer.

So far up until now, most of our daily or multiple day journeys bring our Friends closer to Wineries, Family Wine-Estates, Tastings, Cooking-Workshops, Regional Food, Historic & Religious Sites and amazing Landscapes, filled with Colors and Silence and one or more nights over at a Country or Historic Hotel.

Yes, all this is inviting and promising, but the client is not coming to us. There are many on-line postings, web-campaigns, flyers, etc, but we have not been discovered yet, as part of country hasn´t either…

From next August/September onwards, we will have the chance to be able to lodge our clients at the countryside, in a very familiar environment, always with the objective of making possible for each of you to discover unique Wines, Olive-Oils, Delicatessen, Cheese, Bread, Regional Pastry & Sweets, Home-Cooking and Nature Trails in the surrounding area, with the help and cooperation of many Partners, that as us, are developing their offer next to us, in the beautiful areas of Serpa, Vidigueira, Moura and Beja.

Portugal is an exceptional country! An although I do not offer programs in the great North, Beiras or in the Centre of the land, I always advise people to come again and again to discover unique spots and live great adventures in unspoiled territories, that as me, are waiting to be unveiled and receive you with open arms and a smile.

Tourism is the key to develop and bring people to territories that are still like rough diamonds, waiting for their turn to shine and bring its beauty into the light. Although it is difficult to find the right balance to preserve and keep many places free from hordes, plastic food and souvenirs, many of our Regions are already working on a sustainable basis in order to maintain intact its Authenticity. I will try to do the same, with the hope of bringing new and positive energy/synergy to our inland Alentejo, much in need to be discovered, cherished and developed.

I consider myself a very friendly person, always doing my best to receive each of our client, not as stranger, but rather as a Friend, a Family-Member even. Everyone is and will be very welcome in our 1, 2, 3 or 4 Day Journeys. Being a Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Orthodox, Methodist, Lutheran, etc. We are color blind on religion, gender, culture. The only condition we have is: For you to try to relax and enjoy the ride and leave the worries behind! Our Van can take you far enough, from 1 up to 4 Riders for the Multiple Day Tour and up to 6, for 1 Day Adventures.

Most of our Programs have already Top Wine Tastings included, as I also am a Wine Lover, selecting great wines for the ones visiting us. Meals are always done at places that I consider to be genuine and authentic, as I would choose for myself. Our moto is for you to taste real and single flavors of the region we discover. No danger of me taking you to touristic and tasteless restaurants!

As to the type of lodging we have chosen for you: already tested, felt and deeply appreciated – Countryside-Charm, Historic Convent-Hotel and Typical Village Cousy Guest-House. So, if deciding to come to visit Alentejo for 2 up to 4 Days, leave it up to me and everything will be ready for you. After your stay in Lisbon for 2 or 3 days (we do not do city tours, but I can advise on the best people to escort and show you around) - I can even take you for Wine Tastings in Sintra area while you´r at the capital, I´ll pick Up early in the morning to our discovery! Or the opposite, pick-U-Up at the Airport and after 2 or 4 days in Alentejo, I`ll leave you in Sintra at a very charming Challet by the sea or in the old village – from there you can visit Sintra and Lisbon, its easy and very affordable. All can be arranged and tailored, its always up to you!

From what you can see, this is a very Familiar, but genuine business 😉. We need your help to continue our Touring Activity and we will do our best to receive you in Portugal with our Arms and Hearts open and surely you´ll take some great M

emories in your pocket to follow wherever you go…As the great Walt Whitman said:

Not I, not anyone else can travel that road for you,

You must travel it for yourself.

It is not far, it is within reach,

Perhaps you have been on it since you were born and did not know,

Perhaps it is everywhere on water and on land.

Song of Myself (46, lines 1210-1214)

Yours with Love,



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