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Slow Travelling in Alentejo

The fast-track of the new technologies brings us every day the chance to find out new and unique places to discover throughout the world.

Many of us have already seen part of the globe – countries, cities, forests, mountains, deserts, etc.

By this time, many of you are already preparing your Summer Holidays and trying to find some hot new spot to go to. But more and more we are given the opportunity to travel during year, making time to skip the routine for a weekend or even for only 2 or 3 days.

And how many of u are already tired of crowded monuments, restaurants and touristic postcard sightseeings?! How many of u are sometimes wondering: “_ It would be so great to escape all of the urban hustle and bustle for a while…” Yes, take a few friends, companion, lover, husband, wife and get a way for a 1, 2 or 3 days to simply travel without any hurry.

Now imagine coming to Lisbon, stay there for 2 Days in some great local-lodging and afterwards, be escorted by a smiling face for the rest of your stay to an amazing landscape countryside. Stopping for tasting great wines, enjoying wonderful comfort-food, admiring white-washed villages and sleeping at a unique Convent-Hotel or at a cousy country-lodging? Always in good company, not having the need for Guide-Book or looking for self-transportation.

How amazing it would be to discover new flavours and aromas, different historic and ancient spots, away from queues, over-priced meals and crowds. In Alentejo, we find time and silence, friendliness and authenticity.

Leaving behind the city early in the morning, stopping for a “bica” (expresso) and a “queijada de requeijão” (sheep cottage cheese tart) or a “Biscoito de Azeite” (Olive Oil Biscuit), before discovering ancient Monasteries and ruins. Visiting a Family Wine-Estate, tasting unique Portuguese Grape Varieties such as “Castelão”, “Aragonês”, “Alfrocheiro”, “ Antão-Vaz”, etc, while tasting fresh and authentic flavours in a peaceful environment. Having Lunch at a Family venue with season fresh ingredients – chouriço butter, green-olives, Black-Pig Cheeks slow cooked in Red Wine, Alentejano Bread, while sipping different wines from the property and ending this flavourful meal with Sericá or Pão de Rala (egg and almond typical desserts of Alto-Alentejo region). Taking time to talk with the ones you enjoy the most and sharing experiences with people you meet along the way, simply enjoying life…In the afternoon, discover an Ancient Castle and take a pick at the authentic Handicraft and Gourmet Delicacies from Alentejo.

The sun is almost setting while arriving at a Convent Hotel, relax, unpack and have a moment for yourselves. Take a few steps and discover unique tiles, century walls of history and faith.

At dinner time, enjoy a glass of a local winery wine, here we have Petiscos (not Tapas), so smile, taste it and think life is to be lived, specially in good company in an enchanting land such as Alentejo. Close your eyes, the night is yours while the breeze rocks this blissful evening and a cloak of stars paints the sky outside, promising more new and amazing Adventures and a smile in your Heart for tomorrow…

This is slow travelling in my Alentejo, choose your own and I promise U will Love it, all the way.

Yours with Love,



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