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New Year, New Projects...

Dear Friends,

New Year is always a good reason to start afresh. Close the door on the past, throw out what does not make you feel happy anymore, undress the heavy clothes that do not fit your expectations and leave behind the ones that do not make your heart smile.

Its time to set new goals, build up new projects and look for the best way to start shaping your dreams in the real world. The present year was hard as starting new projects always is. Designing new ideas, looking for solutions, partners and clients is difficult, time and money consuming. It takes time and patience to put your projects up and running and this happens with many of us trying to find the right path for yourself.

This 2019 will not be different, when we are building up an important part of your childhood dream. Next July, so God Help us, we´ll open the doors of our countryside lodging and make my promise to my late Grandfather Burrico, finally come true.

Yes, our Touring Experiences in the West-Coast, Fátima, Lisbon Wines and Sintra, will run from July onwards on a self-guided motion. From that time on, we´ll focus most of our offer on this great land of Alentejo, creating new Experiences and Lodging, that we intend to be Unforgettable, Unique and always with Love and Soul Simplicity.

It´s important to believe in our Projects and never give up on it, but most of all on yourself. Never leave your dreams fall behind. Believe, Pray, Share, Fight for what makes you truly Happy and always Smile with your Heart.

Have a Wonderful 2019, full of Blessings – Peace, Health, Love, Gratitude.

Yours with love,



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