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My Christmas Wishes to you

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with the ones we love and more so with children!

It´s beautiful to see the colors, the lights, the different aromas from fresh season pastry and all the decorations in our streets, homes and shopping-windows. We feel happier and willing to help and share more, especially with the ones in need.

But it´s also a season of self-introspection and meditation on what we can do better and leave behind us. It’s an important time, especially for the Christians, but one cannot go through this time of the year without thinking on the overspending on gifts and food.

We should somehow find a balance on all this and live the Christmas Season with more Truth, particularly on giving and sharing with true Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. And why not continuing this all throughout the year? True Kindness with others should be a constant ingredient on our daily lives, such as salt and the sugar in our cooking/baking…

Make of Xcmas Spirit a constant in your life path and I´m sure the world will be a better place for you and for everyone. Have a Wonderful and Blessed

Christmas and may the Light of the newborn Jesus shed Love, Peace and Joy within your Hearts.

Yours with Love,

Rita – Burrico D´Orada

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