• Burrico d'Orada

Finding yourself in Fátima

Dear Friends,

Today´s life is getting more and more demanding and competitive.

We seem to run desperately every day with full and busy schedules and sometimes wishing that the day never ends because we still need a bit more time to do this and that.

Our routines are filled with meetings, business calls, appointments and tasks that push you directly to an hallucinating rhythm of days without end and endless nights working on our lap tops, sometimes until dawn.

We hardly feel the energy sometimes to stop for a while, remind ourselves that the world will keep on spinning even if we do not exist anymore. Yes, Life does not stop, if we forget or not manage to meet every single business appointment…But we will be stopped, if we do not find the time to reconnect ourselves with the Universe, God.

As a Spiritual Human-Being I trust that every step given will always leed you to your perfection, or not. Being the most important what is done or planted by your actions and from this, doing Good to the others and each one of the people you encounter and meet in your life.

But besides doing good and sharing Love, it´s also vital to make time to meditate, pray, get away for at least 2 days and re-discover what is really important for you and reconnect with Faith, God.

Taking people to Fátima is always a blessing for me and my working-partner. We discover many people, that besides their religion or lack of it, ask us to go there to learn its importance for us, Catholics. It´s amazing, reading their reactions on their faces when we come back and the feeling is mutual for everyone – Love, Forgiveness, Understanding, Peace.

After all, isn´t that what really matters?!... So, if coming to Portugal some time soon, you can always come along and discover something different, but beautiful in your path. And you´ll understand that besides work and success, there´s much more to life…

Yours with love,



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