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Celebrating the Amphora Wine

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Dear Friends,

November it´s time to celebrate the Harvest fruits and savor the warm aromas awakening inside the Clay-Amphoras in Alentejo!

On St.Martin´s, the day of Saint Martin de Tours, on Nov.11th ( a Roman Soldier who on the IVth Century AD, during a snowstorm, the legend tell us, cut off his cloak to share it with a beggar and on the same night, dreamed with Jesus wearing that same half-cloak and saying “_ Here is Martin, the Roman Soldier who is now baptized – he has clothed Me.”), we also celebrate the opening of the Amphoras/Clay-Vessels and the tasting of the new wine.

Throughout the country, many Wine Cellars open its doors to share the new aromas, joined by roasted chestnuts at the very popular “Magustos” around the bonfire and warm flavors of cured pork meats, dry-figs, wallnuts and the traditional “Água-Pé”(local light alcoholic beverage resulting from the mixture of water and grape pomace ) or the “Jeropiga” (a sweet liqueur with brandy).

It´s always a very happy celebration, specially in the inland – far from the great cities. In our Alentejo, home of the Amphora-Wine “Vinho de Talha” ( the clay vessels date back to the Roman Times and its origins go all the way to more than 2000 years before our time), we see many locations were people are welcomed with enthusiast to celebrate the occasion.

In Vidigueira region, we encounter traditional and genuine places where the Amphora-Wine can be tasted and discovered amidst its producers and tasted with the joyful company of the town folks. And not often far from the Alentejano traditional Vocal-Music, and also UNESCO Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2014 - “Cante Alentejano” . The perfect match for these gatherings, captivating the heart and spirit of everyone visiting this corner of our land.

In Vila de Frades and Vila Alva we find many traditional sites where anyone of us can experience this season – at the Adega of Mestre Daniel XXVI Talhas, ACV Vinho de Talha, Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira (Casa das Talhas), Honrado Vineyards, Herdade do Rocim and at the Vitifrades Exhibition in December as well!

If interested on a visit, to taste and live this unique and vibrant season, come along and join us! We have developed a 1 Day Program, just for you – from 1 up to 6 Wine Lovers! Don´t waste time and come along! We´ll drive and escort you all the way through from Lisbon or from Évora. And if looking for a place to stay down there, we´ll be happy to book it as well. The worse thing it can happen besides drinking a bit more than the usual, will be the danger of not wanting to leave this land anymore, for it nests in the heart, forever.

The doors are almost opening in Vidigueira local wineries, the Clay-Vessels as well…The golden red leaves of the vineyards paint the landscape and in the crisp Fall air we hear someone humming:

“It´s St. Martin´s Day, we´ll eat Chestnuts, we´ll taste the Wine…”.

With love,



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