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Why Burrico d'Orada?

Burrico stands for "Donkey" in Portuguese...That´s odd, many of you will say, but that came as a sincere and beatiful homage to my late Grandfather António Valadas, known as "Burrico", the man who all his life has toiled and plowed the land with mules and mares. Even without knowing how to write and read, he was always a man of great wisdom and a genuine smile.

Orada, came as a tribute to the old mining-village near the farmer houses of my grandparents, craddle of many hard-working people and always present at the many stories, told at the fire place during the long winter nights.

Now you know, just a simple gesture, but in the certainty that both Grandpa Burrico and Grandma Maria are looking down on me and happy that the place where it all started will now be reborn. A special site, one who treasures many of my child-memories, of countless summer days and nights with the stars cloak over our heads, listening to the whistle whispers of Alentejo songs, hummed by my Grandpa, to help us forget the heat of the season.

With Burrico D´Orada a dream has come to life. One that wants to bring my favourite Spots, Flavours and Wines closer to anyone coming to Portugal - always with Authenticity, Love and Soul Simplicity. And even if this Adventure has not long begun and even if it is also not easy sometimes, as new projects are, I will keep my head high and my heart full of Hope and Belief, on myself, on my Alentejo and on my beautiful country. For the Believers will always reach their destination...

Yours with love, Rita Valadas.

Montinhos do Burrico


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