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Burrico D’Orada Lodging & Experiences

A Slow Tourism & Sustainable Family Project 

Burrico D'Orada, Lodging & Experiences is a Sustainable, Slow Tourism & Family Project.

We manage our resources efficiently and invite those who visit us to reduce their ecological footprint.

Water is a vital and scarce resource, especially in our region, so we manage it in a sustainable and balanced way. The flora at our Monte is autochthonous and adapted to the summer heat: Olive trees, Fig trees, Strawberry trees, Aromatic Herbs, Oleander, Indian Fig trees and Succulents.

We are self-sufficient during the day, generating our own electricity from Photovoltaic Panels, taking advantage of the sun's energy, so abundant in the region, almost all year round.

We do not use chemicals and all detergents and amenities used are environmentally friendly.

We give our best for Nature and for our Clients, we inprint in each Visit & Experience: The Generosity Authenticity of the Welcome-Art in the Alentejo, always on a sustainable basis.

At the same time, our Mission is also to help in the diffusion and settlement of people and qualified services in our inland territory. We also contribute to greater social justice and equity. We are therefore part of RURAL MOVE - a non-profit organization through which we develop joint actions with the community, always with the aim of taking the Baixo-Alentejo and the region where we are located, Serpa, Moura, Vidigueira, further.

We are for our inland territory, the preservation of its Cultural Heritage, the unique Landscape, Traditions, that we urgently need to preserve and promote.

We are in no hurry.

Our Philosophy:

 To make those who visit us, forget time and appreciate what ALENTEJO has best

The Genuineness, Authenticity, Familiarity, Simplicity, Friendliness and Peace.

Enjoy the Tranquility of the inner Alentejo.



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